A Platform for Global Health - The First Xiong’An International Health Forum Came to a Successful End


Xiong’An New Area invited guests from all over the world to discuss global health at a 3-day Xiong’An International Health Forum which concluded successfully on November 15.

The Xiong’An International Health Forum, a Xiong’An-based initiative to promote global health, is a major event in the global health sector and for the international health industry. The forum, co-sponsored by the Shenzhen World Health Foundation, China Association of Chinese Medicine, and China Institute of Strategy and Management, and co-organized by the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Hebei Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, has received generous support from UNICEF, Columbia University, and the Kofi Annan Foundation.

A High-Level, Multi-Sessional Global Health Forum

This high-level, multi-sessional global health forum, spanning over 3 days, is featured by 2 main sessions, 8 parallel sessions and 14 thematic dialogue sessions with enlightening keynote speeches of heavyweight speakers. Experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, investors, doctors and health initiative activists take part in roundtable Q&As to exchange views and ideas, share business models and experience, and seek solutions for various health industry challenges.

The forum covered a broad range of topics – from promoting health and sustainable development through innovation, dialogue between the financial and health industries, healthy and big data, innovation in medical knowledge and treatment, women and children’s health, interlinkages between violence against children and mental health, to nutrition, food safety and non-communicable diseases, the science of pandemics and infectious diseases, and emergency response in the age of extreme weather events – delivering a gathering of ideas in the era of global health.

Topical subjects including biotechnology and AI, big data in healthcare and disease prevention, biomedicine and policy bottlenecks, commercial capital and global health industry, and biotechnology and China’s opportunities have all drawn much attention from the attendees.

Xiong’An New Area – A Historic Decision and A Center for New Public Health

Xiong’An New Area, the culmination of a historic decision, has made promoting healthcare as its first priority. While Xiong’An aims to become a model city in urban construction and management with the best living environment in China, the city, and life science in global health sectors in general, is faced with both opportunities and challenges in reform and innovation with the coming of the era of bio-economy.

For this reality, Xiong’An has invited guests from near and far in order to build a healthier world. For this First Xiong’An International Health Forum, Shenzhen World Health Foundation, the earliest promoter and most important sponsor of the event, has gathered people and industries concerned about human health. They participants of this high-profile health forum have a common purpose and a sense of mission to be engaged in in-depth and earnest discussions.

Xiong’An is an embodiment of model city, bio-economy, healthcare revolution and future healthcare. The success of the inaugural Xiong’An International Health Forum has ushered in a new platform for high-level dialogues in the global health sector, and has opened up many possibilities for the global health industries, for it is a place for questions and dialogues, challenges and opportunities, thoughts and methods, as well as cooperation and sharing.

Good Health and Cure for All

A healthy, meaningful life is the common pursuit of all mankind.

Chinese people see life as a cycle, in the same vein as seasons which repeat year after year. According to Chinese tradition, plants are sowed in spring, they grow in summer, they reap in autumn, and people store them in winter. According to China’s 24 Solar Terms, when winter begins, it means we should not only store our harvest, but also summarize and share our experience during this resting period.

This year’s Xiong’An International Health Forum, held in the season of harvest and sharing, has provided a platform where scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, and government officials from around the world to be engaged in direct dialogues on innovations in science, technology, and institutional mechanisms.

Dr. HU Xiang, the Executive Chairman of the Forum, believes that the world needs a forum dedicated to the topic of global health. It is in much the same way as the Davos or Bo’ao Forum does for global business and economics. The first Xiong’An International Health Forum has filled this void, helping turn problems into opportunities.

Dr. Hu also serves as a Member of Committee of International Advisers for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, the Honorary Chairman of Shenzhen World Health Foundation, as well as the Founder and Chairman of Shenzhen Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd, a leading stem cell company in China.

Li Bai, one of the greatest Chinese poets, once wrote that “Someday, with my sail piercing the clouds, I will mount the wind, break the waves, and traverse the vast, rolling the sea.” The Xiong’An International Health Forum, fully committed to the similarly ambitious mission of seeking “Good Health and Cure for All”, is destined to become a globally influential gathering for global health activists.