MD WEEKLY: The first Xiong’an International Health Forum will be held in Hebei Province


(A press report of October 31st)A press conference of the first Xiong’an International Health Forum was successfully held at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. It is reported that the Xiong’an International Health Forum encompasses a theme of Good health and Cure for All. It aims to frame an international forum for the most cutting-edge technologies based on concepts of marketization, internationalization and specialization and jointly unfold a new era of bio-economy and healthy life.

The Forum is organized by the Shenzhen World Health Foundation(SWHF), China Association of Chinese Medicine(CACM) and China Institute of Strategy and Management (CISM)with an approval of the People's Government of Hebei Province. It is co-organized by the Administrative Committee of Xiong'an New Area and Langfang Municipal People's Government on November 13 in Langfang, Hebei Province. Dozens of top medical experts and academicians both at home and abroad have confirmed their attendance.

The forum will focus on themes such as technology innovation and health industry upgrading, sharing health, environment change and human health etc. Dr. Hu Xiang, the Executive Chairman of the Forum and founder of SWHF, expressed that only when people all over the world join their hands together for close collaboration for the same fate, the vision of Good health and Cure for All can become true.

For a health forum with global independent influence

and brand effect

“The Xiong’an New Area has set a goal for its construction: a model of future urban construction and management in China. For an ideal living environment, health is a key area of concern for all people and has to be highly valued. In another aspect, medical reform is always a challenge to countries including developed and developing ones, no matter how well it has developed, or how better it has progressed.” Dr. HuXiang said so when he was specially interviewed by a reporter of the MD WEEKLY days before.


Dr. Hu said further: “Developing countries are facing shortage of medical resources while developed ones are facing the increasing of health costs. Countries around the world are doing their reforms. Should China play an exemplary role for it?” And the forum is an evolving platform for summit-level dialogues and opinion exchanges among top professionals and experts of medical sciences, global health-relating industries, finance and concerned research institutions. Its goal is to analyze development trends, give policy suggestions, explore the industrial regulations and criteria, build cross-sector connections, accelerate pragmatic cooperation throughout the world, promote the full implementation of the UN 2030 agenda and benefit the people globally.

“Meanwhile, we really hope to make the Forum have its own global influence and brand effect based on the potential advantages and special features of the Xiong’an New Area and providing opportunities for summit-level and practical cooperation globally in general health.”

Speaking of the highlights of this first Forum, Dr. Hu said continually that he hoped the Forum could find out and analyze the challenges and problems in China’s health field and put forward practical solutions “We have been pondering on where our opportunity is. I would say personally that it is in technology innovation because the innovation is the driving force for.” medicine development. In health field today, besides the rapid advancement of life science, powerful technology such as big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing have come insight altogether. They are all “tools” or “weapons” for us. We sincerely hope to apply them for scientific purposes and have the participants realize these opportunities and organize resources efficiently to solve problems.”

For efficient dialogues and an effective mechanism

The Forum has invited well-known scholars from home and abroad, including a Nobel laureate, international medical experts, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and others. They will provide the participants an academic feast with their insights. Dr. Hu suggested that we should ponder on how to keep on innovating before the new technological waves, which is in fact the most difficult part in the health field. Thus, the Forum is designed to convene top professionals and officials from medical sciences, finance and governments to deepen their dialogues on innovation of technology and mechanism.

“The problem China facing at present is that the old productive relationship restricts the advanced productivity. How could we establish an effective mechanism before the contradiction sharpens? The Forum is a platform on which leaders from various fields can discuss how to address the issue.” said Dr. Hu.

For acknowledgements, strategies,

solutions and actions

The Forum has achieved powerful support from UN, WHO and the Kofi Annan Foundation. It will focus on meaningful themes, ranging from big data and artificial intelligence, omics and personalized medicine, to health of women and children, and the science of pandemics and infectious diseases.

“We hope to have a more comprehensive understanding of the situation in health filed and concerned international actions through the dialogues with officials from global health organizations.” Dr. Hu emphasized to the reporter that the platform is open and welcomes those who would like to contribute to global health, those who have deep thoughts and those who prefer to make efforts, to put forward their concerns for discussions and find ways to resolve them based on various social resources. Furthermore, to achieve satisfactory solutions, the Forum will also organize specialized teams to sort out the issues and submit the results to related organizations for practical actions.

The idea of holding an international health forum was formed in Hu Xiang’s mind long ago. In his opinion, the new round of medical revolution or technological revolution means bringing human beings new opportunities, just as putting forward supply-side reform when demand changes because of higher live quality. The disease spectrum changes as the society reforms. In addition, the available medical science and technology tools that can be used today are more advanced than people can imagine. “We set our goal to help people see the trend of medical revolution, further technology innovation and contribute to problem solving.” added Dr. Hu.

Guests attended the press conference also included leaders of the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Administrative Committee of Xiong'an New Area and Langfang Municipal People's Government as well as Ms. Zhang Haoxi, Secretary General of Shenzhen World Health Foundation, Mr. Sun Yongzhang, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Chinese Medicine and Ms. Liang Weina, Deputy Chairman of China Institute of Strategy and Management.