The Xiong’an International Health Forum will be held in November


The world is currently going through profound changes under the impetus of scientific and technological progress, which have been bringing about both tremendous challenges and unprecedented opportunities. The combination of artificial intelligence and biotechnology will enable us to efficiently manage our health and cure diseases, and even reshape life as we know and meet up with the huge demand for health, longevity, youth and beauty. How should human beings act when they face this? This requires experts from all concerned fields to come and think together.

The Xiong'an International Health Forum, co-founded by the Shenzhen World Health Foundation, China Association of Chinese Medicine, and China Institute of Strategy and Management, has received recognition and strong support from the People's Government of Hebei Province and the Administrative Committee of Xiong'an New Area. The Forum also has powerful support from UNICEF, Columbia University, the Kofi Annan Foundation, the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Hebei Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission. It will be a summit, a cross-sector and international forum for world health.

The Forum is an evolving platform for summit-level dialogues and opinion exchanges among top professionals and experts of medical sciences, global health-relating industries, finance and concerned research institutions. Its goal is to analyze development trends, give policy suggestions, explore the industrial regulations and criteria, build cross-sector connections, accelerate pragmatic cooperation throughout the world, promote the full implementation of the UN 2030 agenda and benefit the people globally. The Forum also aims to have its own global influence and brand effect based on the potential advantages and special features of the Xiong’an New Area and provide opportunities for summit-level and practical cooperation globally in general health.

The Forum will be held from November 13 to 15 in Langfang, Hebei Province.